Welcome to Otmar Machine Tools

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A wide range of light sheet-metal machinery is designed and produced by Otmar Machine Tools in Alrode, Alberton.

In the range of products are: guillotines, press brakes, box and pan folders, jenny rolls, pinch and profile rollers, notchers, punches, shears, croppers, bar / roll and tube benders, plate and corrugated rolls, seamers and grooving machines, hydraulic / eccentric / fly and arbor presses.

This wide variety and range of machinery was developed over the years, very often to the exacting and demanding requirements of its customers. Special purpose machinery is often requested to fulfill a need that standard machinery is not adequate for. The customer's needs are clearly defined and machinery is designed to fulfill the production, efficiency and space requirements of the client. This ability and flexibility is a hallmark of Otmar Machine Tools.

Besides the locally built and imported new machinery, a wide range of used/pre-owned machinery is available.