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MAS VR2 RADIAL ARM DRILL – R35 000 ex vat

1m arm length, MT3 spindle, 35mm drill capacity, 90-4500rpm, 380v, feeds, used















Radial Arm Drill:

A radial arm drill is a type of drilling machine characterized by its radial arm, which you can move both vertically and horizontally. This design allows you to position the drill head at various points on a large workpiece. Radial arm drills are commonly used for drilling holes in large and heavy workpieces.

Kovosvit MAS:

Kovosvit MAS is a Czech company known for manufacturing milling machines, lathes, and drilling machines. They have a history of producing industrial machinery for metalworking applications.

Key Features of a Radial Arm Drill (General):

  1. Radial Arm Movement:
    • You mount the drill head on an arm that you can move radially (horizontally) and vertically.
  2. Column:
    • The column supports the radial arm and provides stability to the entire machine.
  3. Drill Head:
    • The drill head houses the spindle and the drill tool. You can rotate the drill head, and adjust the spindle for various drilling angles.
  4. Worktable:
    • The worktable is typically large and you can adjust it in height. It provides support for the workpiece.
  5. Controls:
    • You can control the machine with various handles and levers for adjusting the position of the radial arm, the drill head, and the worktable.
  6. Power Feed:
    • Some radial arm drills may have power feeds for automatic movement of the spindle during drilling operations.

Specifics about KOVOSVIT MAS VR2 Radial Arm Drill:

If you are looking for specific details about the Kovosvit MAS VR2 Radial Arm Drill, I recommend reaching out to Kovosvit MAS directly or checking their official website for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Additionally, contacting local distributors or authorized dealers of Kovosvit MAS machines may also provide assistance and access to specific details about the VR2 model.