Motorised Guillotine

The direct drive truecut shears is a fast, accurate,rugged machine with a wide range of industrial applications.

  • Capable of shearing a wide range of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, rubber, fibreboards, bakelite,plastics.
  • Suitable for incorporating into automatic production lines.


Low cutting rake

  • Low cutting angle(1 and a half degrees) and inclined shear direction eliminate bowling and twist. Produces accurate, straight cuts and flat cut-offs. Four Edged, carbon-chrome steel blades ensure accuracy and lengthen blade life. Quick and easy blade clearance setting by means of quickest single levers at side of machine.

Silent drive – minimum maintenance

  • Direct brake motor drive, with selector switch for single continuous strokes, provides quiet instantaneous engagement and is self-compensatory for wear.
  • Gears in the gear reduction unit are immersed in oil and directly mounted on shaft.

Manually operated back gauge

  • Fast accurate setting using rack and pinion.
  • Parallel motion.
  • An optional magnifying lens reading against a clearly graduated scale. Calibrates in 0.8mm with range of 650mm.

Technical Data

Model 3/1250
max Capacity 3mm
Max cutting 1270mm
Shear angle 1.5
Stroke / min 50
Motor Capacity 4KW
Back gauge range 650mm
Table Extension 1000mm
Approx. net weight 1140kg
Approx. overall size
Left to right x front to back x height 1850 x 850 x 1117mm
Approx. gross weight 1500kg
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