Precision Bender

Portable machine for holding in vice and bolting to the bench.

Covered needle bearing.

Bending angle read off up to 180°

Mild Steel
50 x 5 mm
50 x7 mm
40 x 6 mm
50 x 6 mm
25 x 8 mm
35 x 8 mm
20 x 10 mm
25 x 10 mm
Ø13 mm
Ø16 mm


Max. bending angle
Max. section height
50 mm
Max jaw opening
35 mm
Dimensions without bending lever
310 x 240 x 145mm
Weight incl. Standard accessories (not packed)
22.4 kg

Precision profile bending machines, famous for their quality and sturdy construction, have the great distinction of long life. The favourable arrangement of work clamp and tool on the turn table affords the advantage of making tight 180 bends possible.

  • Modern design
  • Sturdy, high quality product
  • High bending performance
  • High material sections
  • Angle of bend up to 180
  • Stops for series work
  • Sturdy, covered bearings