Treadle Guillotine

  • All steel construction with special adjustable Cast iron guides to take up wear.
  • Automatic clamping insures complete protection of operator’s hands and positive clamping. The knives are of the best quality steel and have four cutting edges.
  • A bevelled plate at the back removes waste offcuts. Suitable for mild steel, brass, copper, aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Adjustable stops are provided at front and back, which can also be set for mitre cutting
  • A squaring stop is also mounted on the table
1/600 1.5/1250 1.0/2000
Capacity in mild steel 1×600 1.5×1250 1.0×2000
Length of Blade 630 1270 2020
Overall sizes LxWxH 850x800x1100 1500x800x1100 2100x800x1100
Approx. Mass Kg 110 350 500